The Hills Are Alive

Today’s Design*Sponge “Living In” post is from my favorite movie of all time, The Sound of Music.

Yes, I’ve been to Austria. Yes, I’ve been on The Sound of Music tour. Yes, I slept in a themed hostel where it played every morning over breakfast. And no, I don’t have any shame about any of it!

If you’d like to prance along the streets of Salzburg in proper Von Trapp style, let Design*Sponge be your guide:


1. Bistro Cutlery Set, $45; 2. Goat Marionette, $13; 3. Milk Bottle, $16; 4. Pack Basket, $104; 5. Hermes Scarf, $385; 6. Saltwater Sandals, $39; 7. Wicker Picnic Basket, $19; 8. Vintage Alpine Hat, $22; 9. Yamaha Guitar, $139; 10. French Bistro Glasses, $14

1. Gold Tassel Tie-Back, $7; 2. Dear Creatures Dress, $145; 3. Whistle Pendant, $51; 4. Winterset Chandelier, $299; 5. Antique Silver Teapot, $65; 6. Envelope Tray, $22; 7. Cane Back Chair, $593; 8. Hammered Gold Pillow, $565; 9. Skeleton Key, $26; 10. Aidan Gray Candlesticks, $315

Photos and links from Design*Sponge.


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