Shopping Heroes

I’m pretty sure everyone by now is sick of hearing about the insanity of the Missoni for Target launch on Monday but I have to give a massive shout-out to my shopping guardian angels. When I first heard that the the collection was launching on Sept. 13 I knew I’d be traveling for work and that I’d probably forget about it. And I nearly did.

Thankfully, my amazing older sister called on her way to the store and picked me up one of their amazing throw blankets, knowing I had my eye on them thanks to Mom. And once I realized what day it was, only a few begging text messages to the boyfriend set him on a multi-hour hunt to snag a few other items for me online while I was on the trade show floor.

My dear friend Patti, knowing I’ve been looking for that elusive perfect make-up case, texted me with a make-up case in hand from Maryland to let me know she had one for me if needed. So sweet!

So thanks to their heroic efforts, I feel lucky to have snagged these few beauties in the mad rush that crashed the Target site and created endless lines at the store.

Oh, Target, you and your genius collaborations that set the world a frenzy. How do you do it??


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