Good-Bye, Chicago. Hello, Boston.

As I hinted at last week when things were still hush-hush, my big news is that as of Saturday, I’m a Massachusetts resident! After a second round of long distance dating with an amazingly special man the last nine months, we’ve decided that the next chapter of our lives will begin in Boston where he currently lives. Although I’m sad to say goodbye to the Midwest and Chicago, I couldn’t be more excited about my new adventure with Chris!

When I moved to Chicago 17 months ago I had no idea I was about to fall in love with this city and then fall madly in love with an ex-boyfriend halfway across the country. (I mean really, who could have seen that coming?) It kind of figures that just after finding the perfect single-girl apartment in the city, that’s when love throws you a curveball. But Chris is worth every moment of craziness, stress and fear this move has brought us and I can’t wait to look back on it all with him and laugh someday in the future.

But before that all begins, I must say goodbye to Chicago. One of the most amazingly beautiful cities in this country, I would argue, and one that swept me off my feet. Although I will not miss the nauseating cab rides, intensity of big-city living, public transportation, and the United terminal at O’Hare, there is plenty I will miss. The stunning architecture, the best restaurants in this country second to NYC, the shopping, inspiring fashion, State Street at Christmas, the river view from my apartment, bar-loving residents, good friends, skyline views, John Hughes movie locations, and endless lists of festivals and events.

Chicago will always hold a special place in my heart thanks to all the amazing memories, particularly the ones I made with my amazing family, friends and Chris.

Goodbye, single-girl apartment in the city! (My building, on the right behind the brick building.)


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