Yuletide Warning

So, I’m basically obsessed with Christmas. And as the stores one by one add more and more holiday items to their shelves, the danger of me spending ridiculous amounts of money on wrapping paper, tinsel, ornaments, holiday CDs, movies and the like increases with every shiny little item added to the shelf.

The three most dangerous places for me to be right now:

1. Target: I imagine that if Santa were real, he would outsource a portion of his Christmas workload to Target. Each year they come up with more and more reasons for me to wrap my presents in eight different wrapping papers and adorn the top with adorable trinkets and treasures. I think I spent 20 minutes in front of Christmas cards alone just because I was so mesmerized I couldn’t think straight. Note to self: Avoid at all costs. (And by that, I mean “limit visits to two times a week.”)


2. Starbucks: Red cups, tiny bits of peppermint sprinkled on whipped cream, tiny porcelain ornaments and the new Michael Buble Christmas album. I need not say more.


3. Etsy: If Etsy was a physical store, I would go there every day. And live in a cardboard box — BUT a stylish cardboard box decorated with the most fabulous handcrafted items you can find. You can cross every single person off your list with a few key word searches (and find a few things for yourself in the meantime).

And on that note, it’s probably time I sign off Etsy and leave Starbucks…


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