Cheerful Characters

I’ve recently developed a growing fascination with calligraphy because of all the fun ways I’ve seen it utilized aside from wedding invitations.  It’s such a beautiful art, why do we use it for something that may only occur once in a lifetime?

Luckily for us, sites like Etsy make it easy for us to locate calligraphers who are putting their signature on a variety of goodies for home or office. Here are some of my favorite everyday gems that showcase this time-honored treasure:

 Return Address Stamp from terbearco on Etsy


Merry Christmas Stamp from ampersandity on Etsy


Greeting Card from sparrownestscript on Etsy


Mini Letterpress Calendar from KisforCalligraphy on Etsy


 “Stockings Were Hung” Print and “Bah Humbug” Print from tagteamtompkins on Etsy
(Must have these. In love.)

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