Living In: White Christmas

There’s one movie I play at least a handful of times between Thanksgiving and Christmas each year without shame or disinterest, even if it is the 50th time I’ve seen it. There’s something about the beautiful swinging dresses, quick tapping feet and smooth crooning voices that make me smile every time I watch White Christmas.

Thanks to the below post from Design*Sponge, you can create your own version at home, transporting you straight to that rustic resort in Vermont for a little song and dance.

1. Green Banded Cup and Saucer, $9; 2. Vintage Copper Pot, $55; 3. Vermont Poster, $20; 4.Cable Knit Socks, $4; 5. Antique Windsor Chair, $1150; 6. Revlon “Cherries in the Snow” Lipstick, $6; 7. Belle Noel Hoops, $69; 8. Hot Dog Fork, $5; 9. Firewood Bundles, $5; 10.Random Stone Fire Pit, $500; 11. Bottlebrush Trees, $6

1. Starry Sky Ornament, $10; 2. Black Beret, $4; 3. French Barrette, $9; 4. Metal Crown, $29; 5.Issa Flared Coat, $1240; 6. Ivory Glitter Tree, $18; 7. Berry Wreath, $128; 8. Foresee Jewelry Suitcase, $108; 9. Gold Tinsel Spool, $24; 10. Snake Chain Bracelet, $46

All images, links and collages from Design*Sponge.

Bing Crosby and those beautiful blue eyes get me every time.


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