Pretty Mama

I distinctly remember a moment when I was little where I stopped, looked at my mom and thought, “My mom’s so much prettier than the other moms,” and told her so.

I also had a moment this Christmas where I looked down the aisle of chairs at mass and thought, “Wow, my mom is really beautiful. I hope I look that good when I’m her age.” And I really truly hope so.

Of course I think my mom is so much more than beautiful. She’s everything to me. And tomorrow, all my thoughts and energy will be with her as she undergoes a procedure to remove some scary skin from her nose, one that may leave her with a rather large scar on her pretty face.

And although that’s not ideal for any woman, there could be far worse outcomes to this story. So she’s made up her mind to be thankful, look at the positive and buy herself some fancy new concealer.

Whether that scar is big or small in the end, it won’t matter to me, because I’ll always think she’s stunning.

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