Surprise Success!

I returned late last night from a wonderful visit to Iowa after surprising my older sister on Friday evening with my appearance in town and a surprise birthday party with our family and dear friends.

Although she kept us busy running interference all day, we successfully surprised and embarrassed her at the proper moment. In addition, we also managed to confuse her with the world’s most random cake.

Being as my sister is a design and decor fanatic, I told my mom maybe we should have a chevron pattern frosted on the cake – which is what she told the baker…

I think my mom and I both nearly wet our pants laughing when we saw the cake, especially considering my mom’s inability to tell the baker anything was wrong. He was too nice and his cakes are too delicious, so she replied “Awesome!” and scurried away while stifling the laughter.

Laura’s face was priceless when she was presented with the cake – a look of sheer confusion. The good news was it still tasted amazingly delicious and we’ll now have a birthday memory to appreciate forever.

The other sweetest part of the visit was some QT with my favorite little guy, including a sleepover in his new room, complete with Spiderman sheets and blanket. (If only I was that cool when I was three…)

Those visits seem to fly by too fast. I’m already counting down the days until the next one!


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