Nerd Alert: Daytripping in Salem

Chris took me on a surprise New England adventure this weekend to enjoy the mild winter weather and take my mind off the fact that I’ve been missing my friends back home like crazy lately. (Isn’t he so sweet?!)

After a really fun evening with friends Friday night just North of the city, a short drive landed us in Salem – a quintessential New England town and one infamously steeped in history.

Given my extreme geekiness when it comes to American history, I was giddy as we set off to tour the Salem Witch Museum and Salem Wax Museum (yes, please). Although this may shock you, we were the only people at both of these hotspots, which was fine with me because it gave me ample opportunity to soak in every plaque of the self-guided tour and mutter under our breath to each other when necessary.

The best surprise – it just so happened to be Nathaniel Hawthorne’s birthplace, the author of my favorite book of all time, The Scarlet Letter. So among all the historical tidbits I learned about his life that day, we also were able to check out his family’s mansion where he based one of his most famous novels, The House of Seven Gables. (At this point, on a nerd scale of 1 to 10, I was at about 15.)

It was a day of corny tourism at its finest with good food, cold beers, lots of laughs and even time for a nap. My kind of Saturday.

(Footnote/Fun Fact of the Day: If you noticed his family’s gravestones spelled “Hathorne” and his name spelled “Hawthorne” it’s not a spelling error but because his grandfather was one of the lead instigators of the Salem Witch Trials and Nathaniel changed the spelling of his name to distance himself from the family reputation. Pretty cool, right?!)


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