Lil’ Bit of Everything

I’m feeling a little scatter-brained today so I’m going to take some inspiration from Katy’s link lovin’ and include little snippets of all the goodies on my mind.

>> Love the the color palette and collection of images on this Flights of Fancy mood board:

>> Love the ombre effect of this ballon grouping.

>> I’ve been chasing down this sold-out MAC lipstick but given I own Pink Plaid and Girl About Town, they give a similar effect when layered. Love neon pink lips right now.

>> Loving the fresh faces and bright colors of the latest J. Crew catalog.

>> How did I not know about this British spoof cooking show until now? Hilarity.

>> Currently obsessed with orange/coral colors.

>> I think Shutterfly has done an awesome job providing more modern design and customization options for their photo books and invitations. (However, I am against making these with professional photos without the photographer’s permission!)

>> I love reading Saveur magazine. Whereas some other aspirational cooking and travel magazines make things seem far beyond reach, Saveur’s writing has a descriptive yet humble tone that makes me feel transported on a new adventure, instead of feeling like I’m listening to a boastful friend.


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