School’s in Session!

This is a big week for me — I had my first day with a new event company today and have my first gig assisting a photographer with a wedding on Saturday! Feels a little like the first day of school again.

I am beyond excited about all the creative possibilities that lie ahead. And thanks to the dozens – nay, hundreds! – of talented people whose blogs kickstart my creative juices every day, I’ll have no shortage of inspiration for the projects ahead.

So here’s my homework assignment for you all for the week:

>> Learn about the colorful dynamics of event styling from…

…the effortlessly chic Camille Styles


…the lovely ladies of Ritzy Bee


…and the adorable Bump Smitten Blog.


>> Review the impact of stunning natural lighting in the photography of…

…the sweet Megan Dandeles


…the sublime Jasmine Star


…the sunshine-y Jenna Walker Photographers.


Read, absorb, review. There will be a test on Friday.


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