Eastern Fashion Standard

A friend who has lived out East far longer than me recently sent me a link to this blog and told me she secretly hopes that in the near future I’ll be a pearl-wearing prepster like the author of this blog.

Given my affinity for anything striped and nautical-inspired accessories, I think I’m halfway there. However, 13 years of Catholic school dress code has left me with a lifelong allergy to button-down collared shirts and dress pants, so I may never have what it truly takes to be prep to the max.

Sarah Vickers – author of Classy Girls Wear Pearls and co-founder of Kiel James Patrick – on the other hand, has managed to master a modern take on prep in both her adorable accessories line and her daily life.

Vintage clothing stores and antique shops in New England have inspired the colorful patterns and plaids in KJP’s bracelets, belts and accessories. And as if the online store isn’t enough to find inspiration for your wardrobe, her blog chronicles the seemingly effortless and perfectly curated outfits she wears on her daily adventures with boyfriend and business partner, Kiel.

Today I thought of Miss Vickers while shopping and channeled my inner Classy Girl,  purchasing a navy pencil skirt and matching striped top. Who knows – maybe there is a preppy girl in me just waiting to break free!


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