Ready, Aim, Fire!

The best part of living in New England is the endless towns, islands, resorts, campsites or port cities to explore on the weekends. I still get awe-struck each time I stop to take in that the ocean is just a few blocks from work and a 90-minute car drive can take me to any number of charming towns in Rhode Island, New Hampshire or Maine. New Englanders have no idea how lucky they are!

This weekend we ventured about an hour to Fairhaven, Mass., to visit our friends Kim and Jeremiah and check out one of the events they participate in as part of Fairhaven Village Militia — i.e. Jeremiah dresses like Mel Gibson in The Patriot and gets to shoot a musket. (What more can a man ask for?)

Fairhaven is a quaint little town right on the ocean with no shortage of New England charm. Fort Phoenix, where the reenactment was held, overlooks the ocean as it did when it was used to protect the town from British invasion in the 18th century.

As part of the celebration this weekend the fort was host to a food truck selling clam cakes and frozen lemonade and a sea chantey band singing tunes about life on the sea. There was a boat parade in the harbor (a first for me!) and a cannon demonstration where I – yes, ME – got to fire one of the cannons!

Can’t say it was anything I ever put on my bucket list but once the opportunity came up to shoot 18 oz of gun powder out a cannon, I couldn’t turn it down. My ears rang for about 5 minutes after but it was a pretty great way to round out my first 4th of July as a New-Englander-in-training.


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