Pure Vermont Goodness

Last weekend we put the city in our rearview mirror and took off for the Vermont mountains for three days of relaxation and fresh air. It was the perfect way to unwind with no cell phone service, cable or Internet around and the opportunity to get our hands dirty cleaning up the cabin.

We drank beer at dive bars, played arcade games and pool, strolled through the town fair and roasted about a hundred marshmallows.

On our way back home on Sunday we stopped by one of Chris’s favorite places in New England, Sugarbush Farm, for a brief visit with the cute farm animals and to pick up our favorite cheese in the world.

He chose the Hickory and Maple Smoked Cheese and Mountain Jack, I chose the Sage Cheese, a mellow cheddar with flecks of the yummy herb. Tonight I mixed a few slices of Mountain Jack with a few slices of Sage Cheese and grilled it on rye for one of the best grilled cheese sandwiches I’ve ever tasted.

Even though they can’t send the cute farm animals or the fresh mountain air, they can ship the cheese and the pure Vermont Maple Syrup, so check out their site!

Photos by me


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