Baby Beauty

One of my best friends is currently at the hospital delivering a little baby girl and I am excited. beyond. words. Add that to the fact that I managed to snag some quality snuggles with our friends’ four-month-old beauty this morning and I have babies on my mind BIG TIME. (Sorry, Chris.)

I am a massive baby cuddler and am tortured by the distance between me and some of the beautiful little bambinos back home. In some regards, this is probably okay, because if I were around them more I’d spend hundreds of dollars buying them adorable little skirts, booties, hats and toys with little to no self-control.

Thanks to the beauty of the Internet, though, I can enjoy their cuteness from afar and send a package or two when tiny baby duds get the best of me.

Clockwise from top left: DIY headband from Love Stitched; Buff Baby Rattle; Dark Blue Romper; One piece suit from The Gap (this one’s for little Sabrina!); Cuddle Me Bodysuit; Bear Bootles; Katy at I Am Chasing Baby‘s little beauty Stella and her adorable headbands; Baby sweater from Crew Cuts; Secret Garden Baby Hat from Patina; Cable Knit Cardigan and Cap; Vintage Girl Socks


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