Happy Camper

As my brave fiance recently discovered, camping doesn’t top of my list of favorite activities. My family went camping less than a handful of times while growing up (my poor father had three girls) and I’ve made little effort in my adult life to seek out the wilderness and pith a tent to commune with nature.

With that said, I’m not opposed to camping, as proven on our recent excursion to the White Mountains in New Hampshire. It typically involves friends, beer, s’mores, card games and beautiful scenery (if done outside of Iowa) — all of which I’m a big fan of.

(Images from our recent camping trip. This beauty I fully support.)

It’s more the bugs, hiding food from bears, sketchy bathrooms and sleeping on the ground that make me uncomfortable and inevitably crabby. However, I recently stumbled upon some nice little campers that would make all of that a little less painful…that is, if we win the lottery sometime soon.

The Austrian company Marchi Mobile designed this $3 million dollar luxury camper — 40 feet of ornate furnishings complete with rainfall shower, fireplace, underfloor heating and pop-out bar.

(Camping in space?)

If you’d like to be a little less conspicuous rolling up to the campsite, check out this 1978 Airstream renovation by Fitzsimmons Design+Build, known as MObi.

(Images via mocoloco)

OR…if you’re still insistent on something a little more rustic, Vanity Fair tipped me off to this little beauty from Orvis complete with convertible sleeping quarters, roof fan, freshwater tank and faucet, maple countertop and stainless-steel cooler. (And it’s just downright adorable!)


Now that’s my kind of camping! (Somewhere at this moment, Chris is shaking his head at me.)


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