Tuesday Tidings

Who’s ready for the long holiday weekend already?! This girl!

We have a weekend planned of wedding errands and family time back in Iowa and my mouth is already watering in anticipation of the Mexican BBQ my parents are throwing for us Sunday night.

I’m also feeling like my brain is moving in twelve different directions this week, adjusting to a new schedule at a new job, checking off items on the wedding list and trying to squeeze in time for all the fun projects I like to give myself on the side!

In honor of this mental frenzy, here are some of the dozens of things that are flying through my thoughts right now:

I had a massive craving for homemade pizza on Sunday but didn’t have the motivation to brave a busy grocery store to grab ingredients — next time, I’m using this recipe from A Beautiful Mess

I had Chris print out this blog post last week so I could keep a copy of “10 Simple Things to Make You Happier at Home” within eyesight – wonderful reminders for daily routines

Last week I burned my arm with my curling iron attempting to follow a Pinterest demo – graceful. Maybe this demo from Camille Styles will help next time.

Maybe it’s just me but I always seem to eat my avocados too early or I’m a day late and they’ve already turned brown and mushy. The Kitchn has 30 Tips, Hints and Recipes for the Creamy Green Fruit and you best believe I’ll be taking notes.

How insanely beautiful is this garden oasis wedding on 100 Layer Cake?! Tres chic!

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