What’d You Bring Me?

Aaaaaaand….I’m back!

No excuse for my blogging absence but like any smart person who has disappeared for a while, I return bearing gifts! Technically, I may not be the one bearing said gifts but if I point you in the right direction, hopefully that’s enough to put me in good favor again.

A ridiculously talented woman in Minneapolis, who just so happens to own the handbag company Nelle, is giving away one clutch a day for each day of October. If you’ve ever seen her clutches, you’ll realize how truly awesome that is.

All you have to do is visit Nelle’s Facebook page and “like” her — which I know you already do — and fill out the contest form here. Then you’re entered and each day she’ll randomly draw a winner and some lucky person will receive an email that they’ve won! (Please be me! Please be me!)

Have time for a quick story? Even cooler than this giveaway and all the beautiful clutches is how Nelle got started. I remember meeting her in Minneapolis a few years back after her business had just started to take off and a mutual acquaintance told me all about this lovely lady who just decided one day to start sewing clutches and picked up a book at the library and taught herself how. Apparently she had a natural talent for it because within a few years she was holding trunk shows at Bendel’s and has graced the pages of every major women’s magazine with her beautiful work.

Unbelievably inspiring!

Images via Nelle

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