Award Nomination…

For world’s worst blogger here! I’m horrified by how long it’s been since I’ve last posted. I really have little to no excuse other than it seems to be the busiest time of year (in a good way!) and I’ve been using extra time for wedding stuff.

So, as I slowly dip my toe back into the water, let’s start with a long list of awesome things you should check out:

Cyber Monday was dangerous for me. Particularly since I’m obsessed with all the jewelry at J Crew right now.

My massively stylish friend Christine was sporting a DIY “Creme de la Creme” sweatshirt similar to the more spendy Zoe Karssen version when I saw her in Minneapolis. Genius!

Maybe it’s the recent trip to Minnesota but I’m feeling an affinity for modern Scandanavian items like this awesome Herringbone Blanket.

We basically bought out the Wedding Chicks website on Monday when they had 50% off for Cyber Monday. Even if you’re not getting married, there are some festive gifts for the holidays:

Loving this Essie polish I treated myself to as a birthday gift!

Was in desperate need of a new iPhone case and was feeling the Kate Spade vibe.

I’m fighting the urge to make these and eat them all day long.

A bit out of season in the wintry months but I’m in love with these bath robes!

Feelin’ foxy. Even though I’m pretty sure I rocked a similar sweater with a duck as a child, I’m eye one of these bad boys.

These are awesome and perfect for the holidays.

What gems have you discovered recently??

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