Cheers to the Holiday Season

We spent the weekend hanging out with friends, making appetizers, decorating Christmas cookies, and finishing our Christmas shopping. (Note the words “going to the gym” were not on that list. Yikes!)

In recent weeks I’ve also become addicted to DVRing and rewatching episodes of Barefoot Contessa – I’ll blame the festive holidays and a sinus infection for the serious couch time on this one. However, that woman makes everything look so easy, it gives me the urge to throw a party just to celebrate a good dentist visit.

In the celebratory spirit, here’s some fabulous entertaining ideas from everyone’s favorite work distraction greatest source of ideas, Pinterest:


Rock Candy Champagne Cocktails
{original source}



Crostini and dip
{original source}



Campari, Gin and Orange Cocktail
{original source}



Ham & Gruyere Thumbprints
{original source}



Smoked Salmon Crisps
{original source}

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